Sunday, October 1, 2017

Annoyed by lack of progress

I said rabbit, rabbit in hopes of good luck, but the month started flat. Weather was nice enough to start to stain Saturday, but we had morning plans and lunch before getting to it.
Spindles take forever and that's all we did by the time it got dark. Today we started at 10 with the elements attached to the spindles and we had to stop around noon to take B to a skate party. We then ate and got a new printer before I had to pick up B at 3. I then spent the next hour of so setting up the printer to print stuff for K's scout meeting at 5:30. By then, only an hour or so of daylight was left...
My mood was rotten. I was so amped to get the damn staining done that I'm bummed.
Hard part is essentially done, at least one coat applied, but time isn't a luxury I have if I work at 3 this week.
My carpal tunnel is not liking the staining.

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