Sunday, July 28, 2019

when people quit on you

Remember my being annoyed about a "co-worker" last month? Well, her mother died, so she was off last week. A card went around for us to sign and such.
Yes, I signed and wrote words, though I would have preferred not to have been obligated to do so. She was dead to me, so I'm not full of sympathy.
My brother is coming to Ohio this week. He called last weekend. I was thinking of being out of town during his visit, but he's coming  during the week.
Given that I don't care to speak with my brother when he calls, I find my hanging up on him twice only mildly regrettable. He suggested I take time off or something to that effect.
In other news, my finger is healed. Four weeks is ample time to declare it such, though it seemed well after 2 weeks... it's a sealed scar now. I don't even have to worry about the jagged nail, for it's grown out and has been cut.
This will be the last full week of summer for the kids. Been a busy summer, between camps, lessons and appointments of various varieties for all three of them.
K has become more mature... his watching South Park doesn't bother his mother.
B has grown as a musician... playing her ukulele beyond her Wednesday lesson.
D has just grown.
I'm lucky to have such good kids.
I should be a better husband and father. It would be best if I ceased having a smart phone... or hobbies involving my smart phone. Pirates are just lousy of late, so baseball has been cut... while my tinkering with my 401(k) has gotten to be a daily hindrance. I need to cut myself off...maybe I will this week.
18th wedding anniversary is coming up, so I might as well start reforming myself sooner than later.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July started off with a razor slice through the tip of my index finger

I did something stupid a couple weeks ago. I was unwrapping a pallet of boxes with a box cutter and cut myself in the process. I bled a bit, but it stopped. I considered going to the ER, but I figured there wouldn't be much they'd do aside from making me wait a while. Well, the next day I noticed that the blade cut through my figure nail... thus through the whole finger. Looked like a woodshop mishap.
I kept clean and such, so it's healing.  I took pictures and wrote up a statement for documentation of my workplace injury. Click to see my nifty cut.