Sunday, March 4, 2018

A day starts early, if you feel the mood.

Today started rather early. I got up at 7:15.
I meant to get up early. I had intentions to go donate plasma. I woke up to my youngest being next to me sleeping snuggly. Or I would have gotten up at 7:05. So 10 minutes later after going upstairs to take my medication. I considered what I want to do because I saw the kitchen sink was full of dishes.
I was tempted to go back to sleep. I was tempted to leave with the dishes in the sink. 
I figured it was best to do the dishes then go do the plasma. It made for a later start but 1 thing was out of the way.
I kind of get a anxious when I go to the give plasma. I answered yes when I should have said no on the questionnaire. So that delayed me a little bit. No harm no foul. I had a bad stick. Evidently the needle was in the vein a little deeper and causing issues. So I had to sit longer than my most recent visits.
When I get home we went out to the outlet mall shortly afterward to buy Kiefer boots. We bought him shoes shoes that I can wear because they are the same size as of those I wear.
Meh. The day was uneventful. 
I made the mistake to tell my mom something relating to taxes in Saturday, thus spent part of my afternoon helping her with her taxes.
She apologized that spent as much time as u did, but she didn't need to. I like doing taxes. 
My mom has a higher AGI than we do. I don't know what she does with her money, but she lives well within her means.
I won't feel guilty when she buys me stuff.