Saturday, February 23, 2019

Life keeps going when I'm still asleep

The week was a blur. Kids were off Monday and Wednesday. Still took D to swimming. Saw my mom 3 times rather than just Friday. I probably should visit her and do her taxes before she pays someone to do them for her.
I enjoy doing taxes. I understand what I'm doing enough that I find it INSANE to pay someone else to do it if filing online is FREE.
Regardless, I'm doing well or at least followup blood and urine tests seem to suggest nothing amiss.
February is a depressing month for me. Aside fom J's B-day and St. V Day,  I find myself pondering my father's meaningless death and how it's a lot like Warhol's.
Speaking of St. V Day, J got me a Bob Evans apple pie. I truly felt surprise. I am blessed to have stumbled through life and to have met someone who mostly gets me.
We ate Logan's carry-out. They had 20% off coupon coupled with the giftcard my mom gave J for her B-day.
Still feeling down... it's that time of month.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

default promotions

I've been anti-full-time ever since I learned that I'd lose any leverage to say "no" to working OT. Given I don't want to be beholden, I also have no interest in being management. One is expected to work for free to gain the experience necessary for management mobility... and one is expected to move if one wants to be a manager.
Spent Thursday night before heading home going over how to do a couple reports. The guy who used to do them is going to the AM shift because he wants to be an AM manager one day. He's fulltime and in the AIM program, so his doing management stuff is expected.
I'm not going to dwell on it and say I feel put upon, I just need to do whatever I can and not let things stress me. I don't do stress well.
Ever since I sprained my shoulder, I started to passively job hunt more closely. I can't have my body fail me, again and expect to keep my job. I can do a lot of things but I just assume not be in constant pain again.
I don't exactly see my family much during the week. The vacation bidding process screwed me out of being off when my kids were off from school. Bidding packets went out last week.
I'm mostly clueless to the everyday procedures of my family. I get up after K leaves usually when I hear J leave. I get to see B a half hour or so until she leaves for the bus. I usually have to get D up and out of the house before 10. K usually gets home before I leave for work and is still up when I get home. Everyone else usually is asleep.
The older two are both busy with school, Jennifer manages the frequent yet random things like band tryouts and college credit plus meetings. The youngest is my responsibility to have active with speech and swimming before pre-school bus wisks her away.
I haven't seen any more blood in my urine, and my blood and urine tests haven't shown anything odd, yet. My sugar actually seems lower.
We saw Lego Movie Part 2 this morning. Family enjoyed it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I started doing my taxes during my vacation, but discovered Jennifer's W-2 was wrong. Her employer goofed on many others' W-2s, so 10 days later we got a corrected W-2.
Co-workers were discussing taxes last week and were surprised I hadn't done mine yet. I hadn't had time since we got the corrected W-2 back. I worked 43+ hours both weeks since my vacation.
Did taxes Saturday, but I won't get a refund until end of month since I claimed the additional child tax credit. I have 3 kids. The delay occurred last year as well.
Thursday the 7th, I noticed blood in my urine. I was thinking how everything was going well only to look down and see blood dripping. I saw my doctor the next day and he was puzzled. I've not seen blood since said Thursday. I noticed it 4 times that afternoon, so it may have been a fluke, but worth a check of my blood and further specimens. Nothing seems alarming, test -wise, thus far.