Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I started doing my taxes during my vacation, but discovered Jennifer's W-2 was wrong. Her employer goofed on many others' W-2s, so 10 days later we got a corrected W-2.
Co-workers were discussing taxes last week and were surprised I hadn't done mine yet. I hadn't had time since we got the corrected W-2 back. I worked 43+ hours both weeks since my vacation.
Did taxes Saturday, but I won't get a refund until end of month since I claimed the additional child tax credit. I have 3 kids. The delay occurred last year as well.
Thursday the 7th, I noticed blood in my urine. I was thinking how everything was going well only to look down and see blood dripping. I saw my doctor the next day and he was puzzled. I've not seen blood since said Thursday. I noticed it 4 times that afternoon, so it may have been a fluke, but worth a check of my blood and further specimens. Nothing seems alarming, test -wise, thus far. 

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