Sunday, July 29, 2018

end of summer, longer hours and lingering shoulder pain

Not sure how times flies, aside from being constantly busy and having to be places and such.
Since I've been back on-road, I've been working 7 hour days, again. Last week I had a few 8 hour days. Considering I'm part-time, and I get up before 9am during the week, working until 10:30 at night has been taking its toll.
I have no idea how much I weigh, but I seem about the same. I've been consuming a can of Coke with a Premier Protein bar for my evening meal. I eat 3 other times during the day: an hour after I wake up, an hour before work and 15 minutes after I get home.
Eating 4 times a day is a habit I started at the carwash. I was always coming home at 2:30 hungry
I worked without a break a couple weeks ago. I felt horrible until I had a mini break with my Coke and Premier Protein bar.
My shoulder has become sore. I try to do my doorway exercises when I think about it, but I think I will be sore a very long time until cease doing physical work 5 days a week.
Since she leaves as I get up and goes to sleep when I get home, I don't see Jennifer throughout the week. Our communication is limited to texts or a quick phone call. During the summer, Saturdays start with us alternating between going to ukulele or ballet lessons for our daughters. Ukulele is the easy one, though it's at 10am. Dance is a long 10:30-11:15 given the 4 year old needs help focusing.
Yesterday, Jennifer said something snide for I was up before 9.
Tomorrow marks the last day of rowing for our son, but he had it every Monday and Thursday at 10:30 for 2 months. 
My youngest has had speech therapy sessions at 9:30 every Tuesday and Friday this year.
We've gone to the movies the last 4 Sunday mornings.
For being Summer, I've not really rested. Kids start school August 8th, so I will have to be up before 8. I won't have to leave the house early aside from the days my youngest has speech therapy.
I've been in a bad mood. B broke the headphone plug in her's iPod Touch's jack on Tuesday. I had slim hope of fixing it, but it was slimmer after circumstances occurred. Now I've conceded defeat on fixing it.
I ordered contact lenses after trialing a pair for 10 days. I couldn't see well when I was in the office in the beginning of month, but got a quote on costs and was told they had some in stock. When I called to order them, I couldn't since the script wasn't on file and doctor wasn't in until the next week. When I got my lenses, I was under the impression I'd get a $100 rebate, then it turned into a Visa card, then it turned into an application for a Visa card. I looked at the paperwork on Wednesday after I had the kids gone to their grandparents. Paperwork said I had to have purchased the lenses in June to get the rebate. Eye doctor's office probably thinks I'm jerk for not knowing that B&L extended their rebate timeline.
I get pissy when it comes to money. I've been in debt for so long, I'm tired of costs of things being piled on. I've been very lucky to have a job where I am wanted and am able to get fulltime hours though I'm only part-time. My kids are mostly healthy. My wife is a loving mom. I need to manage my time better, for I'm up too late and not getting out aside from shuttling kids or running errands. I'm on my phone too much around my family. I need to make my schedule with pen and paper and avoid electronics as much as possible.
I can see the light at the end of debt tunnel. I just spend too much time thinking about it and my 401(k)s. Twitter and Drudge Report also zap my time. I need to designate a better time and place for such activities along with blogging.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Wife has been mad at me. I hadn't felt like doing stuff between the kids being home, my shoulder being hurt and the weather making my work environment hot... I'm mostly exhausted during the day. Last week was better, but she's mad again.
We saw The Incredibles 2 last weekend and The Avengers this weekend. Both have left me feeling less than wonderful, I'm thinking my light sensitivity may be causing my detached mood.
Ever since the bunk bed got put up, the basement was a mess. We got me a mattress when we had to clean up in the laundry room, but had no where to put stuff until my daughter's old bed was put together.
Weird to think I didn't sleep on a bed aside from when I was taking a trip for 12 years, but after my sleep schedule changed drastically from Jennifer's, I never wanted a bed when I was content with the couch or air mattress.
My night owl personality may have caused my photophobia to get worse.