Sunday, July 8, 2018


Wife has been mad at me. I hadn't felt like doing stuff between the kids being home, my shoulder being hurt and the weather making my work environment hot... I'm mostly exhausted during the day. Last week was better, but she's mad again.
We saw The Incredibles 2 last weekend and The Avengers this weekend. Both have left me feeling less than wonderful, I'm thinking my light sensitivity may be causing my detached mood.
Ever since the bunk bed got put up, the basement was a mess. We got me a mattress when we had to clean up in the laundry room, but had no where to put stuff until my daughter's old bed was put together.
Weird to think I didn't sleep on a bed aside from when I was taking a trip for 12 years, but after my sleep schedule changed drastically from Jennifer's, I never wanted a bed when I was content with the couch or air mattress.
My night owl personality may have caused my photophobia to get worse.

Work has been chugging along. Not sure what I've said about it of last, but I've been a courier since last September. I used to be a team lead of the handlers, but I wasn't really around handling much until I got off road an hour or so after the sort started, but I was older and OCD enough to make sure trucks got out on time. Team lead who replaced me became a courier not long after I did, but he only started being on the road during the sort in March. The current team lead is not exactly my boss' first pick, so after my last accident in April, I have been back handling more, aside from the month that I had a note for my shoulder.
I'm basically babysitting teenagers. Two newer handlers are a couple who are biologically XX but prefer to be considered XY. They'll be 20 in a couple months or so while the team lead will be 20 in February. Another handler is 30, but he misses a day or comes in late, so who knows how much longer he'll be around.
The couple have to ride the bus, so they leave early to catch the last bus each night. They have been set loose early all of last week except Monday. They aren't aware of stuff so lack the sense to take initiative. The aren't very strong, so they aren't exactly great at throwing trucks. They haven't gotten too oriented to loaded the cans because they aren't good at anticipating packages. They can either scan or stack, but doing both has yet to go well.
It's been best to keep the couple separated, so I've been throwing. My shoulder has begun to hurt again. I'm getting my hours like I used to get, so I don't have any reason to complain, but naturally I have to wonder what will cause my contentment to change... I expect it will involve dangerous goods or the rental box truck without a backup camera. I just have to keep my head and take my time to be cautious thus avoid accidents and mistakes.

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