Friday, June 29, 2018

handler days

Sorry, a work heavy post.
I drove 4 different trucks one day last week. Had been a while since swapped trucks a couple times in a day. Seems I havea semi regular gig of going to Monroe for pick-ups then breaking and meeting up and swapping trucks after my break. Mostly easy stuff... stuff I used to do when I was a handler, essentially.
When I get back from my truck swap, I do handling. I probably do more handling than I used to do considering I have unloaded truck a bit since getting off restricted duty.
It's easy, so I expect it to change.
My shoulder has been sore of late. Nothing constant like before when I went on restricted duty.
I've been going in at 3 and getting home after 10:30, so I don't see my wife during the week aside from her pre-sleeping on the couch. Makes for rough weekends since I'm tired and she's wanting more from me than I can give.

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