Thursday, May 24, 2018

Shoulder update

I've been on light duty, so my shoulder has been getting less strain upon it. Crazy to think I separated the thing doing something I've done many times. Aside from my shoulder popping, I wouldn't have thought of how I hurt my shoulder for sure. My shoulder didn't exactly hurt, but rather felt different. I noticed an ache. The ache was always a dull pain that spiked when I raised my arm. A body ache that lasts longer than a week is when I start to think something is more than a mere ache. I then noticed I had a red spot on my shoulder from my rubbing a bump. I didn't notice the boney bump as being out of place until I realized it was unique and not on left shoulder as well.
I sound silly, but the injury isn't something I would conjure having from pushing boxes on a conveyor belt. It's a football type of injury....

Monday, May 21, 2018

shoulder confirmation

Shoulder still bothered me after a week, so I started looking into the matter on Google.
Given I have a bump, I figured I probably did something to my AC Joint.
Got into chiropractor this morning and he said I was correct in my assessment.
Very mild shoulder separation, but I got a note for work to limit my pushing and arm raising.
I feel sad. Not sure why. Just tired, I guess.

Monday, May 14, 2018

stomach bug

I wasn't on road Monday or Tuesday. When I got home Tuesday, I vomited. I went to bed without eating. I awoke to go to the restroom around 3 or 4. Both my daughters had issues at that time.
I took off Wednesday. I took off Thursday.
I went in at my normal time on Friday, and felt ok enough to work, though my stomach still felt less than wonderful.
My night at work ended after I heard and felt my right shoulder pop. I wasn't in anymore pain or such, but I've never had the experience and figured it was worth mentioning in case something about my shoulder prevented me from working in the future, thus I needed documentation.
Not sure how much I weigh. I haven't donated plasma this month. I went 8 times in April, thus taking off as much time as possible until I get lured back.
I was around 170lbs.
I would like to drop under 150lbs. to be able to donate less volume.
My stomach bug has made me consider it possible.
My shoulder problem makes physical activity less than wonderful.
Temp outside has been hot the last couple days.
So much to do this summer. I need to prioritize my priorities.