Thursday, May 24, 2018

Shoulder update

I've been on light duty, so my shoulder has been getting less strain upon it. Crazy to think I separated the thing doing something I've done many times. Aside from my shoulder popping, I wouldn't have thought of how I hurt my shoulder for sure. My shoulder didn't exactly hurt, but rather felt different. I noticed an ache. The ache was always a dull pain that spiked when I raised my arm. A body ache that lasts longer than a week is when I start to think something is more than a mere ache. I then noticed I had a red spot on my shoulder from my rubbing a bump. I didn't notice the boney bump as being out of place until I realized it was unique and not on left shoulder as well.
I sound silly, but the injury isn't something I would conjure having from pushing boxes on a conveyor belt. It's a football type of injury....

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