Saturday, December 30, 2017

dangerous goods

I finally did DG a couple weeks ago. Spent the last two weeks at the DG desk. Still on the road, so I'm not into it, comfortably. Speed is a need and sitting doesn't work for me, it seems. Repetition will ease me into the natural flow to maintain rhythm, but I'm a ways from getting that opportunity since I've been on the road when I should be focused on DG.
Wife has been mad at me. Not sure how to fix the reasons she's mad. I guess I could try to sleep a normal schedule and get things started earlier in the day since I'm more of a morning person if I wake up early enough. Mostly feels like she wants a servant to clean up and such. She doesn't appreciate that I do pick up and vacuum... my three kids tend to be very much like the 4 kids depicted in Family Circus. It seems only way to get house work done is if everyone is gone, haven't had that scenario occur with family sick, winter break, early start times... being out of town, selling plasma, and such since last May. I can see why she's mad. I just don't parent well enough to do stuff with the kids.

Monday, December 18, 2017


I went to Pittsburgh the week before Thanksgiving for Courier school. Came back after three days only to be signed up for Dangerous Goods Specialist school for the week after Thanksgiving. Latter class was in Milford, CT.
I was sick with flu-like symptoms the week I returned. I missed a day of work. I was unaware that I got sick time until my paycheck said as much.
My wife and son have been sick since last Wednesday, while my youngest had a cold that turned into an ear infection over the weekend.
I've worked a lot with the training I had to do in addition to the work I already did, plus I had to travel on Sundays for my classes.
I really haven't had a lot of free time. I can't even find time to donate plasma twice a week to make it worthwhile.
When I was coming back from Pittsburgh, I stopped in my hometown to see my friend with gastroparesis. I didn't hear yes or no to whether she could see me so I just stopped at her parents' house. She lives with her folks and doesn't get out much. She wasn't feeling well, and her mom said she wasn't well enough to see me. I lingered at the house long enough for my friend to call to her mom to let me back to see her.
She just cried for the most part. Maybe lasted a few minutes, but tears seem to last a long time once they start. It's hard seeing someone you love in that state, but who knows when I will ever come that way again.
It's a 3+ hour drive and she may not feel well enough for visitors so it's not a trip I expect to make. I have no family there.
Peak season at work makes the holiday season harder to enoy... I'm expected to work longer than my normal hours which is funny considering I'm part-time and haven't worked under 30 hours since I ceased being a handler. My wages have doubled being the raise and increase in hours, so I have the tax problem of making too much money. It's a good problem to have, in the grand scheme of things.