Tuesday, September 24, 2019

long days

Been getting up at 7am M-F to see my children before they go to school. I don't see them much. I work at 3:30pm and the oldest comes home at 2:30. Youngest comes home at noon, while middle at 3:15pm, so I only see the latter before she leaves at 7:30am.

Sucks that I don't see my wife during the week during that half hour each day.

Monday, August 12, 2019

kids are back to school.

Hard to believe how busy summer had been. I recall being home a lot as a boy, but as an adult, I seem to be driving my kids someplace every day.
Boy had a week at 2 separate camps at the beginning and end of June. Four weeks of rowing Monday-Thursday.
Middle Child had music lessons weekly.
Youngest Child had swimming lessons twice a week, speech once a week, and then music once a week for a month.
Middle child had craft things she did at home and such, but as a whole, they all were active.
Now, they all have to be up and out of the house by 8:26.
Meanwhile, I still work second shift, so I will only see the middle child from 6:45am -7:34am.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

when people quit on you

Remember my being annoyed about a "co-worker" last month? Well, her mother died, so she was off last week. A card went around for us to sign and such.
Yes, I signed and wrote words, though I would have preferred not to have been obligated to do so. She was dead to me, so I'm not full of sympathy.
My brother is coming to Ohio this week. He called last weekend. I was thinking of being out of town during his visit, but he's coming  during the week.
Given that I don't care to speak with my brother when he calls, I find my hanging up on him twice only mildly regrettable. He suggested I take time off or something to that effect.
In other news, my finger is healed. Four weeks is ample time to declare it such, though it seemed well after 2 weeks... it's a sealed scar now. I don't even have to worry about the jagged nail, for it's grown out and has been cut.
This will be the last full week of summer for the kids. Been a busy summer, between camps, lessons and appointments of various varieties for all three of them.
K has become more mature... his watching South Park doesn't bother his mother.
B has grown as a musician... playing her ukulele beyond her Wednesday lesson.
D has just grown.
I'm lucky to have such good kids.
I should be a better husband and father. It would be best if I ceased having a smart phone... or hobbies involving my smart phone. Pirates are just lousy of late, so baseball has been cut... while my tinkering with my 401(k) has gotten to be a daily hindrance. I need to cut myself off...maybe I will this week.
18th wedding anniversary is coming up, so I might as well start reforming myself sooner than later.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July started off with a razor slice through the tip of my index finger

I did something stupid a couple weeks ago. I was unwrapping a pallet of boxes with a box cutter and cut myself in the process. I bled a bit, but it stopped. I considered going to the ER, but I figured there wouldn't be much they'd do aside from making me wait a while. Well, the next day I noticed that the blade cut through my figure nail... thus through the whole finger. Looked like a woodshop mishap.
I kept clean and such, so it's healing.  I took pictures and wrote up a statement for documentation of my workplace injury. Click to see my nifty cut.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

being annoyed for 3 straight weeks

I had trouble sleeping last night. I woke up early today to get my tires rotated. I shouldn't let work get to me, but yet it blinds me and makes me sick to my stomach. I've plateaued or I'm trailing into decline. 
Being home alone doesn't help. With the boy at summer camp, the girls went to see him for family night.
I should concern myself with things that actually matter rather than let my foolish pride dictate my life through emotional meandering of a hopeless circle of anger and disappointment.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Bye-bye Mike's

The last time I quit a job, my hours were cut and I stumbled upon a part-time job that would make up for the missing hours. I was on vacation when I got a rejection email for the job, but as I was looking at my email I saw the posting for job that would replace the job. I applied while on vacation and got interviewed and hired about 12 hours after getting home from vacation.
I'm re-hashing because the car wash was recently damaged by the tornadoes last month and being re-built after being demolished.
Last blog post I hinted about an event, and I'm still annoyed. I feel almost sick going to work. I'm not going to let myself be content with the status quo. Sure I'm an a-h, but I'm done being well meaning and joking about stuff. I'm just going to be blunt and transparent without saying stuff unnecessarily. If people ask or say something than I'll let them know all is fine in the sense that I'm annoyed by a first world problem. If they misunderstand, I'll set them straight in my gripe.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

people quit only to show up next day as though nothing happened

Kief survived NYLT. He's been a little whiny, but he's always been whiny.
Had an event occur at work that has me rather disheartened. Not sure what to do other than put on blinders and not think beyond my own responsibilities.
I could write a comic panel about the situation, or a daydream, at least.

The joke goes: Sometimes, passive aggression is just instant karma given a nudge.