Friday, June 29, 2018

handler days

Sorry, a work heavy post.
I drove 4 different trucks one day last week. Had been a while since swapped trucks a couple times in a day. Seems I havea semi regular gig of going to Monroe for pick-ups then breaking and meeting up and swapping trucks after my break. Mostly easy stuff... stuff I used to do when I was a handler, essentially.
When I get back from my truck swap, I do handling. I probably do more handling than I used to do considering I have unloaded truck a bit since getting off restricted duty.
It's easy, so I expect it to change.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

X-rays, hanging pictures, and going in a circle

On Friday, I saw the chiropractor. He said my claim was approved, so he wrote me a script to have x-rays of my AC Joint.

After four weeks, the separation is visible. Shoulder felt good for a while on Thursday, but chiropractor made the pain and soreness still there after the visit.
Actually felt well enough to hang pictures on the wall.
I hate hanging pictures. I'm not OCD, a crooked picture is beyond annoying. I'm quite happy I started and finished the wall in a reasonable time frame.
On Saturday, we went to Carillon Historical Park for some reason after we had gone to Old Navy to spend SuperCash and Burger King. I rode the carousel twice with the girls. Jennifer rode twice with the kids afterward. Would have cost $14 if we weren't carousel members.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Beds and such

Jennifer fixed up the bunk beds she had as a child so that our daughters have more space in their room. She spent quite a bit of time painting and such. They were a rustic looking stained brown, now they are a more posh white and pink.

Took apart the day/trundle bed and the 3 in 1 crib/toddler bed before putting the bunk bed in. Had to cut slats since the plywood I had made Jennifer weary. Bought a new twin mattress.

Looks nice. Might have been cheaper to buy a new bunk bed... only because I bought a miter saw to trim the slats. I need the saw to complete odds and ends around the house, so it's not a frivolous purchase.

My shoulder is still being a pain. Work is still day to day. Boss seems to think chiropractor isn't a person who should be treating my separated shoulder.

Summer has made the kids be home and annoying, it seems.