Saturday, June 9, 2018

X-rays, hanging pictures, and going in a circle

On Friday, I saw the chiropractor. He said my claim was approved, so he wrote me a script to have x-rays of my AC Joint.

After four weeks, the separation is visible. Shoulder felt good for a while on Thursday, but chiropractor made the pain and soreness still there after the visit.
Actually felt well enough to hang pictures on the wall.
I hate hanging pictures. I'm not OCD, a crooked picture is beyond annoying. I'm quite happy I started and finished the wall in a reasonable time frame.
On Saturday, we went to Carillon Historical Park for some reason after we had gone to Old Navy to spend SuperCash and Burger King. I rode the carousel twice with the girls. Jennifer rode twice with the kids afterward. Would have cost $14 if we weren't carousel members.

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