Saturday, May 4, 2019

Nachos are NOT donuts or ice cream

I have ceased eating my usual chocolate donuts for breakfast and moose tracks ice cream for my last "meal" before bed.
I'd eaten a lot of donuts and ice cream since I last had blood work done in February. My weight is about the same and my clothes still seem to fit, but I know a sugar based diet isn't great for any stretch of time... So I am cutting them from my routine until I at least finish a wall of tiling in my bathroom. I've mostly put off doing the project for 5 years. I do a stage and not be sure about the next step until I had to do something towards the goal.
Had to tile floor first. Had to prepare the wall for tile. Had to determine the tile.
Excuses come easy. So now I'm forcing myself to do it to eat donuts without guilt.