Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memorial Day week

  • Monday- Having the day off we went to the pool. I wasn't quick to go for I had a coat of poly to do on my cabinet side panel.
  • Tuesday- My mom went out of town. Fuzzy day in that it started early with speech.
  • Wednesday- I  don't remember anything in particular, aside from we went for a walk and my son didn't want to go to the pool.
  • Friday- a day at the station
  • Saturday- We had the kids try crew. Then got pizza at LC before we hit the pool later. 

Crappy refresher of the past week, I need to tweak it. Can't give a long account today. Samsung makes shitty washing machines so I have been having issues tonight trying to get the damn thing to cycle past spin. I could blame my wife for washing clothes too often, but Samsung really has a horrible product that has been horrible since 91st day we owned the cursed thing.
The weather has been nice. Actually really warm of late, so the pool pass has come in handy. I hate crowds, so I haven't been too enthused.
Have I mentioned my Chase Freedom card being dumb of late? Someone charged $3,250 to my card for a hotel in Pearl River, NY and it got approved! I noticed the charge 2 days afterward and had it removed as fraudulent. Today I noticed Chase charged me INTEREST on the charge I had removed. I called them and had them credit me, but I expect to have another call to make in a month due to how the previous credit was applied to my account.