Sunday, January 28, 2018

new desktop PC

Bought a new PC today at Micro Center. It's still in the box. We have no place to put it, at the moment.
Called Spectrum. We're getting faster internet once the new modem comes.
Money to burn? Sure I filed our tax returns yesterday with the fed and state, but we claim three children, so we have to wait until mid-February for the return to to be reviewed.
Friday, I did see in the news I'm getting a bonus or a raise. Rumor has it that the raises set for October are being rolled out in April. I'm not sure if we're getting a bonus on top of the raise, but it's more money for me regardless.
Our Ibotta account is doing well... could do better if more people used our referral link to join.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Washer, influx of $ and such`

We bought a floor model on NYD. It was marked down from $499, so we added the 5-year Geek Squad plan for $99. Samsung washer died within 5-years and we were lucky it was recalled and we got a full refund sans tax. Getting $629.99 placed into our checking account without much has was nice... we were gonna buy a new washer, and we sort of came out ahead.
Whirlpool Cabrio has a low bar to exceed thanks to Samsung. Washer was installed on Saturday.
Haven't donated plasma in a couple months, and who knows when I'll find time to go twice a week, so I transferred my Biolife card to our checking and scheduled a payment of my Chase Freedom card for said amount plus $200.  Seeing I've cleared $100 more per check than when I was a handler.
Debt payment has to be a system, not a goal if I ever want to be free of debt.
Been busy. Kids went back to school but snow days and such have kept them home.
Weekend was spent waiting on washer on Saturday and Sunday was D's b-day, so we went to Newport Aquarium.
So much to do, but no time to do them.