Monday, October 30, 2017

Skipping Fall

Last week was cold. I work with a guy and he said we skipped fall. I know we had a lousy week here but a not so lousy week is in the near future, so I don't concur.
I like my co-worker. I spend more time with him now that I am out of the station, which is odd considering you don't think of couriers being in pairs or working together outside of the station, at least. We take separate vehicles to the same two locations. I stay at one while he heads over to the second. Before I head back to the station, I meet up with him and see if he needs help or such.
Weird week, it seemed. Being back, people seemed different. I'm off a couple days again, so I will be able to adjust more.
Rough going from a week at the beach and then back to the grind.
I was bored the first few days and hoped to be sent home early, but no such luck. Thursday and Friday, I had to stay later than usual. 36 hours is much more than my old 25 hour weeks that were only a month or so ago.
The first step to becoming independently wealthy to exploit every stream of income available. Not simply having a job and saving money, but exploiting free time to its max without losing effort elsewhere. Seeing that I have debt to abolish, I'm working on that front along with the long term 401k contributions and to help tax considerations. Paying taxes on money made makes money worth less, I rather use less money by choice than give it away to the government.

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