Wednesday, October 4, 2017

threat of rain put damper on deck plans. Clogged sink blues.

I sanded the deck Tuesday. It was more hassle getting the sander and electrical cord out than actually sanding. I thought about staining today but the bathroom sink was slow draining and I decided to make the clog worse, it seems. Regardless, I fixed the clog after work, but now the drain leaks. I am not in the mood to fix the leak, and it's a minor leak that can be fixed in the morning.
Other than the dread of rain and not getting to finish staining, my mind has drifted to my concerns regarding gastroparesis. I wear green for my friend.
Stain dread and drain misdeeds seem petty when I think of how lucky I truly am to be able to eat, sleep, and do other normal things without trouble beyond my stupid carpal tunnel which is treatable with surgery...
Sure, I take medications that I'll take the rest of my life, but I'm in fair shape. I can donate plasma without trouble, at least.
I have no understanding of how bad gastroparesis is. I wish no one did.

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