Sunday, October 8, 2017

Too much rain for my liking

I have many blogs. I seem to repeat myself at times, if I'm not careful.
I've nothing new to say about the 2nd Amendment.
I used to blog more whimsically. It was a sort of diaryland thing, without focus or much purpose.
I have had a few more jobs than I care to have had. I have a blog focused upon that matter.
This blog is meant to be a weekly rehashing of my thoughts on the world. I interject a post from time to time, but I neglect weeks enough that such digression seems fine.
I have the unnatural ability to pursue things I've a weakness.
I lack the ability to organize my thoughts... yet I pursued being a librarian. I'm able to find stuff but being too neat, is too hard.
I was born with a problem it seems for I always had too much stuff in places that needed  to be less crowded. Mrs. Zieke(sp?) was kind enough to let me have 2 desks in 1st grade, or at least until we had a new student move to town.
I have trouble with driving, yet I am a professional driver.
Regardless, I started a blog posting about healthcare and health insurance that doesn't quite belong on this blog. Granted I do deal with healthcare and health insurance more than I like on a semi-daily basis.
Back in June, J had a blood test done to see if she had inherited a blood condition. Insurance denied the claim though the doctor was the one who suggested the testing. We lost the appeal, so $698 has to be paid... without going towards the deductible.
Back in June, we met the deductible for my youngest daughter when she had her heart scanned and such, yet we were still billed for her speech therapy sessions because they cap annual visit to 20 regardless of meeting the deductible, except when a need is documented. My youngest barely said words, so sessions  twice a week are in her best interest. I heard on Friday the sessions will be covered until December when our insurance is up. Many hours have bee spent talking with Humana... so I'll believe later...
I have Anthem and everything from my July 6th appt was covered or paid by the meager HRA money I have from my employer. My prescriptions are $5 each, but aren't covered by the HRA. By being off J's insurance, I'm saving over $1,700 a year
If everyone could work for FedEx, everyone would have health insurance.
I like FedEx. If I had to, I could walk to work. It's a mile or so from my home, which made the initial change in employment from the carwash that was 22 miles away seem worthwhile though the hourly wage difference of $.38. Carwash cut my hours and caused my carpal tunnel to be a daily concern, while I had guaranteed 17.5 hours a week and benefits beyond 401(K) at FedEx. Saving over $1000 a year on gas is a big hidden raise in itself, especial considering the time saved.
Anyways, having real cashflow with my current raises and work hours increased means I'm making double what I made at the carwash when I left.
I'm also less tired. Sure I'm grumpy on weekends of late from the rain and other diversions, but I'm physically able to do stuff around the house I've been putting off.
Yesterday, I got the top part of my deck stained before it rained. I'm sore today from using my carwash muscles. Still a lot left to stain... including undereneath and a second coat... stupid rain.
Might have gotten more finished but J quit on me and spent the rest of the day doing laundry since K and B were gone camping. K just did the day, while B was gone since Friday and came back this morning.
Only rotten thing about my promotion, aside from breaking in a van, is that I work at 3 of late and still get off work after 10. If I want to see my kids, I see them before they go to school. K leaves for the bus at 7:30, while B leaves around 8:30. D leaves around 12:25 and has Fridays off, so I see her most of all. We went a hayride with her classmates on Friday, but I had to work at 2:30 so we left sooner than intended. It was the 3rd different hayride I had been on through the pre-school. I went once with both the older kids. Strange they all went to a different farm. Thankfully, it didn't rain at all Friday.

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