Friday, September 29, 2017

Courier life

I got my pay raise on my last check, so I cleared an extra $100 on my weekly pay check. I don't have a regular route yet, but I did fill in this week for a guy who hurt himself. He always struck me as being useless since he tagged along with a guy who is rather good at what he does and basically the one guy does the work while the other just hauls it back to the station. Being the guy who hauled, I found myself very bored, but being paid better makes it not hateful. I usually start at 5:30 and don't lunch and get home after 10:30, but these two have to start at 3 and take a break so they aren't over 6 hours without a break when they get back and help with the sort. That said I put in an extra 8 hours this week than last, so my check should be $100 more than this past check.
The huge downer of the promotion is that my kids get home from school after 3, so I don't see them much. I hadn't seen J during week regularly for almost a year, so it isn't too strange, I guess.
If I stay on this particular route, I can still donate plasma without any conflict. I donate at 1, so I am done at 2. Though I work at 3, the first hour is literally driving to the location we have our pick up. After an hour, we can take our 30 minute break. Nothing at this location is heavy. It's just documents and movies. Lots of each, but still they weigh nothing compared to the normal warehouse work I had been doing, but now get to do after 8pm. Sure I feel meh after a boring hour long drive, but I'm physically rested and my plasma donation isn't an issue.
Easy money is what I want make. Plasma donation is easy, but long term, I don't think it's worthwhile.
I made $450 in the month of September. I had a coupon for $300 if I donated 5 times within 30 days, but the way the center rates work is $20 for 1st visit of a week and $50 for a second visit in the same week. My 5 visit was on a Monday, so I go another $50 the next time I went in. The place was having $30 bonus to those who donate 7 times in the month of September, so my next visit was $50, then the following 8th visit was the 2nd in the same week.
Everything is a fluke, so I'm not going next week to allow my body to recover completely.
Plasma donation is win-win. I may sound greedy, but I also know my plasma will be used to save lives. My father have ivig treatments, and they helped him greatly to maintain a level of functioning. I want to be charitable in win-win ways. I don't have financial resources to give, but I can find ways to be just as good. I have my older children in scouts, so I think pushing them to be good citizens is a sort of charity given what good works those organizations spur.
I want to end cancer and gastroparesis. What all I can do without throwing money I don't have towards them, I don't quite know, yet.

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