Monday, September 18, 2017

Closest full of shoes I don't wear.

K got back from camping/canoeing yesterday morning before I started my second day of deck cleaning, but I didn't take note of his killing his older shoes until J decided to have him try on a pair of mine.
I have several pairs of shoes I have yet to wear from our trips to the outlet stores. I have never worn my Adidas running shoes, my Warhols, and a couple other Converse, while the Sambas were only worn during last year's vacation.
The pair she took weren't my favorites, but were $9.99, hence I got them. They're too big for him still, so they're still mine.
I have a number of dress shoes I don't wear. I bought 3 pairs of shoes from Bass shortly before I was let go from my last job that required them... 6 years ago.
Not sure I will ever wore in an office setting again, but shoes fit and are in mint condition, so I can't let them go. The dress shirts and pants have been worn, yet I can't get rid of them because I have to have something with which to wear those shoes, right?
They're like old friends. They're always there, it seems. I'm probably bad for neglecting them and not giving them a proper home, but I'm selfish and rather hoard in case I need them.
J tried to get me to throw out my jeans that I had couldn't fit into... joke is on her because I can fit into them again. When I donate plasma, their scale says I weigh roughly 160lbs. Probably 15lbs less than a year ago, but then again, I used to weigh roughly 150lbs when I bought the jeans back in 2014.

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