Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Weeks aren't real

Not sure where time goes, but I lack the ability to manage mine well. Something about having children makes life seem meaningful, yet utterly chaotic.
I lie. I have it easy. I rarely see my kids these days, it seems. I sleep more, but I work shortly after they get home from school and get home shortly after they go to bed.
My youngest has speech twice a week and afternoon pre-school Monday through Thursday. My free time is relative to what I can do with her home and what needs to be done and/or what I feel like doing when she's at school.
Today, I got the tires rotates on the Passat. I don't drive it much now that my work schedule overlaps with that of my wife, Jennifer. I also work a whopping mile away from work... almost walking distance.
While I was getting the tires rotates my son called from school. He had a a headache and needed me to bring him some Tylenol. I was very lucky that I was about to get my keys back from the tire people. I was also lucky that I had time to get home to wait for the bus as well, given my detour to my son's school.
I have a lot of chaos in my life in that I fail to complete things... or start things. I ceased having goals, so I just need to get my system in order and proceed slowly towards succeeding in getting shit done. I swear a lot now that I work ina warehouse around people that swear a lot.
I started going to the YMCA to run/walk around the gym. I need to get my body active, for it seems the lack of such has sped up time. Nothing about running seems fast when you are the one running. Time stands still in that you are stuck on a lap until it's finished... finishing doesn't end quickly enough. At least, I don't think so.
I didn't go to the gym today. I felt meh. I'm a little battered from unloading trucks.
Week is almost over, yet I have so much I need to do... namely, my city income taxes.
I have an orthodontist appt in the morning. I'm also expecting a delivery, which I should be home to receive... I might not be able to go to the gym if my delivery isn't delivered by 1pm. So I will be lacking the illusion of freewill, which means I must do something as a compromise.

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