Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekends aren't real.

I've had weekends off ever since I quit the car wash. I enjoy not working weekends, but I get the full 48-hour contact with my family.
I really don't see my wife during the week. I wake up when she leaves for work. I leave for work while she's driving home from work. I get home after she's gotten the girls in bed.
When I do see her, she complains a lot. I really don't feel like doing much. I'm a walking bruise at the moment.
She knows I get sleep now, but I don't think she appreciates the boxes and such I move throughout the week that leave a mark. Being in tight quarters and working fast with boxes of every size is a workout. Not hard to do, but hard on the body after a work week.
We got a playhouse kit rather than go by the the blue prints that have you buy lumber and build from scratch. The kit was way cheaper and less annoying to gather given the materials list wasn't easy to complete from the websites of the lumber stores.
My father inlaw was excited. He likes woodworking, so he was delighted to help put our girls' kit house together, though I really didn't need any help.
Our Saturday was spent around the inlaws coming over and such. The playhouse got mostly together, but it was dark before it was complete.
Today I woke up  I had a few things to do. After finishing the dishes, I  ate breakfast then completed the playhouse. I went to Sam's and Harbor Freight. Got a tarp at the latter to cover the playhouse. I also got a solar powered security light. I have a shed that is 16'x10' which gets lacks electricity, so I wired the light to be inside.
I spend a lot of time on my phone looking at news. Baseball season started, so I have that habit as well. Next weekend is Easter, so we'll have people over again, blah.
I need to do a number of things. Just need to focus on the priorities and let everything else sort it self out.

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