Monday, April 17, 2017

Holidays aren't real.

Easter always bothered me as a holiday. Christians celebrate the horrific death of Jesus Christ. Where does a bunny with painted eggs fit in? The fact that Easter never consistently has the same date explains a lot about the holiday being fake.
Fake is a harsh term for pagan, but pagan is a harsh term for fake.
Anything relating to full moons and spring equinox sounds very pagan... and that's how Easter is determined each year. I could be lying, because I never actually looked up why Easter is always a different date. I think I heard it in college by a guy who taught my international studies class on Western Europe. I think his name was Mr. Martin, but I forget. He showed foreign films and gave his class extra credit if we attended a couple French films. Tough class, so I did every extra credit thing I could do... even attended a military history lecture that was meant for a ROTC audience.
I really liked college at times. I'm not sure I needed college, but I got a lot out of it beyond a career.
Not sure how my kids will go to college, but I imagine they'll go. I highly doubt they'll ever go to church, but I wouldn't be bothered. Their mother never went to church and she's a decent person. She may be anti-social in the sense she has no desire to have friends over the house or to hang out with non-relatives. She's a good mom. Kids love her almost as much as I do. We have good kids, at least, they mean well or don't try to be evil.
This Easter, dinner was at our house. My mom and my wife's parents, grandmother and sister's family all came over. I never envisioned being such a person to have family over, but it happens more often than I can keep track. I have 3 kids with 3 separate birthdays, unlike my sister inlaw who only has two boys who share a birthday. I seem to eat a lot of pie and cake since we tend to get more leftovers than the rest whenever we host family gatherings. I really hate to see good food go to waste.

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