Sunday, October 21, 2018

some days I'm afraid Don Quixote had better sense of things

I pick fights. Usually I feel like I'm taking a logical stand against tyranny, but the end never comes to such an equation.
I won a long feud with Samsung. I've lost against Menards. I've come out ahead against Humana. I'm sure there are other matters that I got into a back in forth, but the most recent has been with Chase.
In early 2017, I consolidated the majority of our credit card debt with transfers to my Freedom card at 0% interest for 15 months in exchange of a mere 2% transfer fee. I was saving money, regardless of the fee, so I was happy with Chase until I noticed a $3250 charge for a hotel in New York state. I've never been there, nor would I charge on a card I was carrying a balance. Chase never contacted me. I contacted them prior to getting my statement a couple days after the charges posted.
I had the charges waived, but I had hours of phone calls over several months to fix everything associated with the fraud.
With the matter cleared, a puzzle still lingered. How did my credit card get used when I only used it for online balance transfers? It was a brand new chip enhanced card. Only explanation is that Chase was compromised.
Chase stonewalled me about the particulars, so I dropped the matter. I expected a big announcement like the Equifax or Wells Fargo scandals, but nothing ever came to the media's attention of that nature, so I gave another go at finding out how my card was used and how CARD laws were broken.
I've been given very suspicious replies rather than answers. Rather than deny my concerns of internal theft, I've been told only a law enforcement agency with court authorized subpena power can get any info regarding my fraud charges.

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