Friday, September 14, 2018

I had no idea my boss had a degree

Had a ride along today. I haven't had one since April. I've had several ride alongs over the couple years, but mostly when I'm going to a new to me stop or as punishment for having an accident. I think I've had 3 ride alongs for the sake of having him say he had a ride along. Probably more. I just find it few and far between that nothing sticks out.

I had very light day. I felt like I had a late start, but waiting for him cost me a few minutes that didn't matter since all of my stops were much lighter than normal, especially considering I have a BULK route.
Had lunch with him. I didn't exactly eat. He chose Popeye's. I don't like chicken enough to ever have ordered it for myself. I used to eat Canadian Whitefish weekly as a kid, but I refuse to eat sea food, as an adult. I had a coke and an apple pie.
My boss seems to be content with life. He paid for his daughter's degree and still helps her though she's 28.
Yesterday, my brother paid for my lunch. I didn't want to go out, but I was ambushed.
My brother was not annoying. Safe to say, I'm not going to be best friends with him, but I don't feel repulsed by him as much.
Last week, I got birthday wishes from a handful of people. May be 3 on FB, I haven't really checked. 1 via DT. 2 texts. 1 phone call.
I heard from my friend with gastroparesis, which was the highlight along with my apple pie from Jennifer. My friend always forgets my birthday and she hasn't posted anything on FB in a while.
I only have FB to check on her, since she doesn't have good days much enough to text, she blankets her communications with FB updates. At least, that is how I interpret the situation. She's not been well for so long. I feel bad for when I thought her missing school back in the day was her just not feeling like going to school.
I always had a weird relationship with her. I always liked her. She probably looked the most like me of those that I went to school, aside from her eyes not being brown, at least. She had hair like mine and was small. Not tiny just not tall.
Hmmm... I probably liked another certain person because she reminded me of myself. She was born the day before me and had a name that oddly seemed similar to mine in meaning. She wasn't tall or short nor thin or plump. Dark short hair and dark eyes.
I was wrong for thinking things. I was very isolated and lonely in that I never felt warmth of attention aside from overbearing stalking variety.
I was probably a stalker. I just didn't like being around most people and felt preoccupied with those I liked being around. I become consumed with desire to learn everything when I stumble upon something that strikes my fancy. Too much free time comes with being lonely.

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