Tuesday, August 28, 2018


In a week or so, I turn 40. I have nothing to really say on the matter. I'm tired a lot of late. I manage my time poorly. I don't do goals, so I need to strive towards a general outcome.
Year in review: Kids are doing well. They have things to do and do well in school, at least. Wife doesn't always seem annoyed with me. I can do much better. I work more than I like. I had an accident and an injury at work. Hopefully, I learn from my accidents enough to avoid future one. I haven't walked much. Have a lot of stuff to do around the house... tiling bathroom and staining the deck are the two biggies.
I don't see how we can take a vacation without pulling kids out of school. My work schedule sucks like that.
Year preview: Probably should give up on time bandits like Twitter, blogger, MLB, and following politics. Need to work on the things that have meaning, like THAT NOVEL I've been putting off a couple decades.

I miss my uncle Howard. I miss my cousin Byron. My dad missed them too before he choked on his last grilled cheese sandwich.

I may never be famous, but I hope to leave an impression upon my children to strive to be better than me. I drive a truck for a living. It's not bad, just not meaningful beyond a paycheck.

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