Tuesday, May 3, 2016

rained all day Saturday so naturally, Sunday wife worked

Mowing the lawn is hard when you have a toddler that roams freely and needs constant supervision when outside.
My new list of things to be hobbies is just more emphasis on productive hobbies. Green grass is a hobby that requires help if I want to be able to what I need to do. Sure money would be nice to pay someone else, but I'm not doing anything better so I need a dry yard to mow and someone to corral my youngest.
It's frustrating to not do something when you would be able to under normal circumstances.
Green grass problems is a first world problem. I like having first world problems.
Being annoyed by Donald Trump is something that bothers me in the same way only I just don't understand why anyone likes him.
Supposedly I have bipolar disorder, but I don't feel crazy in my unease by everything done or said by Mr. Trump since he started his run for POTUS.

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