Sunday, January 17, 2016

Comics and football

Saturday was my nephews' 1st birthday party, which was ok. Almost wore my Roethlisberger jersey with my Punisher shirt, but I figured it was better to go with something plain. Brother inlaw wore his Punisher shirt, while everyone there loves Bengals or Packers. I missed the Steelers game due to work. Wow, what a weird one.

Sunday I ran errands with KD while dropping off BG at my mom's. Went to Epic Loot and KD bought what he wanted, then we went to Sam's. While there I took off my gloves and noticed my wrist was bare. I thought maybe I left the Fitbit charging, so I didn't think to look in the crowded store. After Aldi, we got BG. No Fitbit to be found at home.

Monday I called Sam's club and they didn't have my Fitbit. Fitbit Flex is GPS-free so the Bluetooth sensor is only means to track it. No signal was found in my car or house, so I moved on. Mom called and said she found it in her driveway. Almost deja vu of the glove incident last week!

Tuesday RSVPed KD for toboggan trip next month.

Wednesday KD had his concert. My mom was most pleased. DJ was a spaz but I got to enjoy most of the concert.

Friday night we discovered DJ could climb her crib to freedom, so Saturday I moved her crib from our room to BG's and converted it to a toddler bed. Freedom for her is anything but joy for JE and me, thus far.

I took KD to Jack Mavericks befor the Steeler/Bronco game, and he was very happy. I'm glad I didn't invest much time towards the NFL season.

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