Sunday, October 28, 2018

now forklift certified

I've had the same route almost since I got taken off of limited duty  back in June. It's easy, since it's a bulk route with the box truck, but I hadn't been able unload pallets until Wednesday.
I had to come in at 8am to get forklift certified, so I had to be off the clock by ten both Tuesday and Wednesday nights to avoid 10/14hour time clock violations.
It was nice seeing my girls before bed, but getting up before 8 is rough on me, considering I usually go to bed around 2.
Friday, Betsy's school had donuts with dad. Thankfully, Jennifer was off so I didn't have to take Darcy.
Donuts are my weakness. I have to avoid sugar and cholesterol the next few weeks until I have my blood work done for my annual physical.
I had a long Friday. Kohl's had 5 skids waiting for me but I was waiting in a cage for 30 minutes before someone let me in.
They would have filled my truck if they had given me everything that were supposed to have had ready for pickup.
Jennifer worked yesterday, and Kiefer was camping, so I had the girls. They didn't let me sleep in. I slept in today so naturally Jennifer was mad at me.

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