Friday, September 14, 2018

I had no idea my boss had a degree

Had a ride along today. I haven't had one since April. I've had several ride alongs over the couple years, but mostly when I'm going to a new to me stop or as punishment for having an accident. I think I've had 3 ride alongs for the sake of having him say he had a ride along. Probably more. I just find it few and far between that nothing sticks out.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

September starts off hot

September is generally my favorite month of the year. It's mostly still summer but not usually hot. Days are almost even with night. There's a certain balance. Growing up without central air conditioning/heating, made September particularly nice. Most of the rain was from hurricanes, but Ohio isn't really affected by hurricanes much.

So far the month looks to be hot. A year ago, I donated plasma for the first time, and the saline felt real cold. Pictures from this time last year shows us wearing hoodies in the car.

It was a warm summer. I didn't take a walk at all like I had in previous summer. My Fitbit days are over, so I'm not reminded of my idle ways.

My Fitbit ceased working when we went on vacation last October. I didn't bring it since I didn't have a charger to take. It never recharged back to usable. Reminds me of the Nook's dying in the old days.

We were supposed to go to Jenn's folks' yesterday, but migraines and weather happened. Never heard about being able to go today until we were settled on being home.

Jenn finished painting the girls' room yesterday. I helped by taking down molding.  Today I put it back up and hung pictures and decorative things back up.

I'm not much for being too active on my days off. My shoulder still isn't great. We'll probably cancel our YMCA membership given we don't use it aside for the discounts on sports and activities. Kids aren't doing those at this time, since we're busy as it is.

Running errands is the only running I do. Today we got paint for Jenn's room, and I got some things to hopefully help the main bathroom's toilet flush better.

I'm a systems guy with an outcome in mind. I don't do goals for they're empty and void of consequences. I don't seek stuff as much as events force me to choose a path that looks to provide the better opportunities when my options aren't open-ended.
I strive for simple living over complicated stressful living.