Thursday, April 19, 2018

a day off to think

Finally heard from my boss about my accident. I'm on probation of sorts and will have to write a letter about whether I want to remain employed.
I don't hate driving. I just don't do well when under stress.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


I had an accident a couple hours before I was to start my vacation. I was almost done with my site pick-up when my powerpad froze. I went to move my vehicle to the dock doors only to find myself locked out. I was in trouble since I had everything I needed to take back to the staion inside the building. After ringing a buzzer and calling dispatch for help, I was now at the point of being late. I droved my vehicle to the other side of the building and found the security staff outside smoking. They were happy to open the dock bay for me, so I drove the half mile around to the other side of the building and as I was backing up to the dock, I grazed the tail light of a parked van, thus shattering it. Nothing horrible, really, given the lack of body damage, beyond shattered transparent red and clear plastic.
I was so already late, so the accident didn't really matter. I got my pick-ups and headed straight to the airport.
I shouldn't have been in such a rush that I didn't notice how close I was to the van I hit, but I was late and not exactly thinking straight.
I had time off and now I'm set to return to an extra long day.
A four day weekend isn't much when today J had to work and called me that she had a flat tire. Tire place is closed, so I shall call Monday to see if my tire can be fixed or needs to be replaced. Doubt I'll have time to get it done Monday between my morning being taken away from me due to a webinar I have to attend.
First world problems are annoyingly trivial when you consider how lucky one is to have a car and a job in the first place.
The vacation was just time off that I don't get to have when my wife and kids are around. We did a few things but nothing too vacation-like. Ohio is having an extended winter, thus being outside is not fun of late.