Saturday, December 30, 2017

dangerous goods

I finally did DG a couple weeks ago. Spent the last two weeks at the DG desk. Still on the road, so I'm not into it, comfortably. Speed is a need and sitting doesn't work for me, it seems. Repetition will ease me into the natural flow to maintain rhythm, but I'm a ways from getting that opportunity since I've been on the road when I should be focused on DG.
Wife has been mad at me. Not sure how to fix the reasons she's mad. I guess I could try to sleep a normal schedule and get things started earlier in the day since I'm more of a morning person if I wake up early enough. Mostly feels like she wants a servant to clean up and such. She doesn't appreciate that I do pick up and vacuum... my three kids tend to be very much like the 4 kids depicted in Family Circus. It seems only way to get house work done is if everyone is gone, haven't had that scenario occur with family sick, winter break, early start times... being out of town, selling plasma, and such since last May. I can see why she's mad. I just don't parent well enough to do stuff with the kids.

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