Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I did the plasma donation thing on Saturday. I was expecting something mildly horrible, but it was basically like getting blood drawn. I went again, today, my birthday, and it was no worse than Saturday.
I've had a bit of blood drawn over the years given my thyroid condition. Most phlebotomists are okay, but enough of them suck, then there's always the waiting while fasting.
Plasma donation takes an hour, but you are hooked up and having something done. The people doing the draws haven't been too hateful in my two visits.
My main annoyance is that I have carpal tunnel and get hand cramps easily from the pumping my hand and making a fist for extended periods of time.
$110 so far. Easily clearing $25/hr during the time that I invest into this endevour that is actually important to many lives.
My deceased father had ivig treatments for years. He complained about the cost. I called him a vampire. Yes, I said that to him because his logic was that something that helps others should be free. People donate plasma for $, so one would think that free plasma would be taken from uncompensated "donors." Very vampire-like... to get plasma treatments for no cost.
Not sure what I'll do with my blood money.

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