Saturday, April 22, 2017

promotions aren't real

My carpal tunnel decided to remind me that I hate my hands and my limbs attached to them. I unloaded 3 days last week. I have been unloading a bit more ever since April started. Our team lead quit, and he hadn't had me unload since January or early February when the newer handlers started.
Though I drive a little for a bulk pickup/shuttle run before my package handling and don't set up, I was officially named team lead on Tuesday. No pay raise, just a layer of responsibility into which I'm wading my toes. I want to be fair, so delegating has been hard. I want to give everyone a chance to have variety and exposure to other parts of the handling but the "new" people haven't really progressed to have my confidence after 3 months.
I lie. 1 of the 4, I have complete confidence. His dad is a courier, and his brother is the team lead who quit. He's young but treats the job like a lifer would. Only one of the other three has a lifer mentality Her husband works in the morning and is a lifer, but she has health issues that make her unreliable. She had brain cancer a while ago, so she seems to have brain issues that makes her to have quirks.
My other handlers are totally opposites. A college kid who was in my son's BSA troop, who is smaller than my son. I expect him gone after summer when he starts taking evening classes. The other guy is 25, over 6' and 200lbs. He just got a second job, so who knows how long he'll stick around to be a handler.
I hate my team.

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